Work Experience

Work experience is defined in legislation as “that part of an educational program that provides a student with an opportunity to participate in, observe or learn about the performance of tasks and responsibilities related to an occupation or career.” Under special circumstances, grade 11 and 12 students may take up to two courses (200 hours) of Work Experience.  This normally happens outside of the school but may also include working with our lunch program at the school.

The primary goal of work experience is to help students prepare for the transition from secondary school to the world of work. Through work experience, students have the opportunity to observe and practice generic employability skills required in the workplace, as well as technical and applied skills relating to specific occupations or industries. In most cases, students may not receive Work Experience credits in a paid job position; placements will be volunteer (non-paid) and based on the student’s future interests. To be accepted into a Work Experience course, students need to have demonstrated self-initiative, strong work habits, and the ability to work independently in the past. Other goals include helping students to:

  • connect what they learn in the classroom with the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed in the workplace
  • gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to be successful in the world of work
  • develop job readiness skills for specific occupations and careers
  • understand the similarities and differences in behaviour standards between the workplace and school

Application Forms are required and can be picked up from the main office. Students interested in Work Experience should speak with the school counselor or administration.


NOTE:  Students need to see Andrea Watkins or the School Counselor to receive a Work Experience package and application form.